How to Choose a Running Shoe

Choosing a Running Shoe

The right running shoe is essential for a solid training program. Not only does it play an instrumental part in reaching peak performance, the right shoe is also a necessity in injury prevention. A rule of thumb for when to invest in new running shoes is after you’ve hit 400-500 miles. Check out these tips for finding your perfect pair of running shoes:

  1. Make the trip to a specialty running store to be fitted for shoes. These stores are armed with helpful associates who will study your stride patterns and take note of your foot’s shape, allowing them to present the best shoe options for you.
  2.  Purchase a running shoe that is half-a-size to a full size up from your normal footwear. You want enough room up front so that your toes can move around comfortably. Rule of thumb (pun intended if you keep reading), your toes should be about a thumbnail’s length from the tip of your shoe.
  3. Stick with what works! If you’ve found a shoe that you love, when it comes time to buy a new pair, go for the tried and true and just upgrade!
  4. Do some e-search before heading to the store. Get familiar with what’s out there and which shoes match your style of running and foot shape. Here are some helpful sites:

Last bit of advice- find a pair that matches your aesthetic, because ‘look good, feel good, play good!’

Good luck and happy shopping!


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