4 Benefits of Running in the Rain

Running in the rain

When your training schedule calls for 5 miles but the forecast says 100% rain, don’t fret. Although dragging your butt outside might take more mental energy than normal, remember the awesome benefits of running in the rain:

  1. Burn more calories. Although this benefit relates more to weight loss than training, for many people, losing weight is a major running motivator. When training in the rain, precipitation prevents overheating so your body stays cool for the entire run, forcing it to burn more energy.
  2. Run faster. Without conscious intention, you might find yourself running faster in the rain so you can get back inside sooner. The badass feeling of toughing out the weather can also propel you to new speeds!
  3. Build up muscle. The slickness of the road during a rain shower forces you to adjust your normal stride to prevent slipping. Maneuvering the wet ground and sustaining balance will activate more muscles than in a typical run, helping you to grow stronger.
  4. Improve mental toughness. From preparing for a rainy run to forging through it and avoiding shortcuts, your mental stamina is put to the test. If you can get through the rainy run successfully, you will be in a better place to thrive during tough races, regardless of the conditions.

The next time you face in-climate weather, throw on a sweatshirt and an angsty playlist and hit the road- your body and your mind will thank you later.


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